Whether you are buying tools for your first toolbox or you are a seasoned DIY’er, one thing is for certain, there are some essentials every toolbox must-have.

Below is a list of essentials perfect for your toolbox.

10m Tape measure:

The 10m tape measure is ideal for most projects around the house. You don’t need anything bigger than that for most odd jobs.

Star and flat screwdrivers:

These are necessities in any toolbox. We suggest that you purchase at least medium-sized screwdrivers as they will be enough to get most jobs done

2 Sets of pliers:

1 Pair of needle nose pliers and 1 pair of wire cutting pliers


A medium-weight hammer that can be used on DIY projects around your house is your best bet. Choose something that will last.

An assortment of nails & screws:

Pick out a variety of different nails and screws that will come in handy for odd jobs around the house as well as DIY projects. There is always an occasion where you are looking or one more screw or nail.


Not many people think of having a pencil in their toolbox but it will be extremely useful to mark holes for accurate drilling and measurements. Consider keeping a sharpener in there too.

Cordless drill:

This is not a luxury but rather a necessity in any household. A good drill will make drilling holes and driving in screws that much easier and quicker.

Buff/packaging tape:

Heavy-duty tape that can be used to seal/reseal boxes and tape things together when needed

Whilst these may not be everything you eventually carry in your toolbox, it is a great start. At TimBuild we stock a range of tools and toolbox essentials designed to make your life a little easier.