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At TimBuild, we bring you monthly tips and ideas with all the advice on how to tackle your next project. Whether you are varnishing outdoor furniture in preparation for summer, decorating a courtyard or renovating your kitchen, we have the right products for you! Get inspired and read on.

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Whether you are a contractor, home owner or avid DIY’er, remember: “Let your joy be in your journey—not in some distant goal.” —Tim Cook

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    Latest Posts

    Create The Perfect Corner

    Do you have two different widths of wood but need to create the perfect corner? well, here’s the answer!

    Accurately Draw Cutlines

    Learn how to use our latest top tip to accurately draw cutlines to make the cutting on your next project even more accurate

    3-4-5 Rule

    If you’re looking to set a 90 degree corner but don’t have a square, simply use the 3-4-5 rule to locate 90 degrees

    Get a smooth paint finish every time!

    When painting your home, avoid causing lap marks or join marks when the wet paint overlaps with dry paint making it two layers instead of one

    Never hit your fingers with a hammer again

    Always hitting your fingers when you start hammering in a nail?  Well not anymore, here’s a trick to stop that. Follow our page for more top tips like this one.#timbuild #timbuildgroup #hintsandtips #yourlocalhardwarestore #heretohelp #diyhacks #diyhintsandtips #diytips

    Create your own magnetic broom

    Just got done with a DIY project around the house but don’t know if you picked up all the screws? Don’t worry you can create a DIY magnetic broom, all you have to do is attach a magnet to the bottom of a pole or broom handle and go over the area that you were […]

    Use cling wrap to preserve paint brushes

    Tired of having to wash your roller after every coat of paint? Well now you don’t have to, just wrap cling wrap tightly around the roller so that when you come to do the next coat the

    Got old crates?

    Have any crates lying around at home but don’t know what to do with them, why not make something cool? The possibilities are endless when it comes to things you can make out of wooden crates.

    Grip a stripped head screw

    We’ve all been there when a screw head gets stripped and it becomes difficult to remove. 

    Don’t stress, use an elastic band to get a grip on it. Simply place the elastic band on top of the stripped screw head and place your screwdriver on top of that.

    Homemade level

    Do you always struggle to find your level when you need it most?

    Here’s an easy fix for you. Simply fill up a see-through water bottle or container to at least 80%

    Magnetised Screwdriver

    Working in tight spaces?

    Simply place a magnet onto your screwdriver to magnetise i

    Cleaning Paint brushes

    Finished your paint project only to find that you are out of turpentine?

    Don’t worry, you can always use vinegar.

    8 Essentials for every toolbox

    Whether you are buying tools for your first toolbox or you are a seasoned DIY’er, one thing is for certain, there are some essentials every toolbox must-have.

    Below is a list of essentials perfect for your toolbox.

    10m Tape measure:

    Idea for mixing epoxy

    1 x roll masking tape

    1 x epoxy kit / wood glue


    Instead of throwing money away and using containers, all you need is some masking tape.

    Spookhill Challenge

    spookhill challenge collage

    Holiday DIY Ideas

    Looking to create some additional space in smaller bedrooms? Wondering what holiday DIY ideas and projects to tackle? Well look no further. We loads of space saving products such as our Smart DIY Cupboards, crates and containers, but here are some of Holiday DIY ideas on creating extra space in specifically bedrooms.

    Tips & ideas when using Chalk Paints

    Chalk paint is a joy to work with and helps to revive old items or make new ones look fabulously old.  Chalk paints behave differently from conventional paint since it has a mineral content that places it closer to lime wash than to latex paints. With an extremely fast drying

    Safety First

    TimBuild wants to help you kick off the year on the right foot.  Safety is important. Any building site, be it a smaller DIY project area or bigger construction sites are dangerous places. Building sites and professional contractors are regulated by health and safety laws and regulations, the purpose of this article is to give you a quick overview of 10 easy check points (reminders after the holidays) to help you ensure your building work area is as safe as possible.

    Are you getting ready for the holidays?

    At TimBuild we would like to help you simplify the holidays. We’ve created a list of DIY ideas to make your holiday preparations, just a little bit easier.

    Renovate or Build? TimBuild is ready to assist.

    Thinking of renovating or expanding a room in your home? Renovating an out-dated space in your home not only adds to your enjoyment of the living space, but also the value of your home. Here are some tips to help you ensure your project runs smoothly.