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Want To Be Part Of The TimBuild Family?

The TimBuild Group is a diverse group of stores all with there own focus or niche area, but willing to supply the client or contractor whatever he needs. If we don’t have it we will find it for our clients so as to keep them smiling.

Our stores range from full on Mega Building supply stores to a small hardware store on the corner, but one thing we all do is cut and edge boards to perfection.

Benefits Of Joining The TimBuild Franchise

If you’re an established business owner looking for a fresh start, consider joining the TimBuild franchise today. Our transition from a group to a franchise model offers you the perfect opportunity to benefit from our proven success while maintaining your independence. As a TimBuild franchisee, you’ll enjoy the advantages of our group buying power, structured promotional programs, and robust marketing support, all while retaining ownership of your store. Join us today and take your business to new heights with the support of the TimBuild family. 

A group of like-minded people:

Become part of a franchise comprised of individuals who share your vision and passion. TimBuild is a franchise founded and overseen by seasoned entrepreneurs and traders with extensive experience in the board and building material industry. Our founders remain actively involved, ensuring that our franchisees receive expert guidance and support every step of the way

You keep your profits:

A standard monthly licencing fee to use the TimBuild name makes it affordable, straight forward and easy to plan and budget.

Capitalise on brand recognition:

Become part of a bigger brand with representation in 5 provinces.  Start reaping the rewards of bigger brand recognition and franchise reputation.

Complete management independence:

If you’ve been looking for a franchise where the value and importance of owner managed stores and entrepreneurial skills are valued and encouraged, then TimBuild is the franchise for YOU!

Stop erosion of your market share:

Become part of bulk buying deals, combined price negations and start levelling the playing field against big corporates.  Instant pre-negotiated deals with 600+ suppliers.

No need to trade on rebates:

Rest assured that you will get the best nett prices as we understand that being competitive, and staying competitive, are of utmost importance. Your rebate is the cherry on top.

Freedom to trade:

Keep your own direct accounts with suppliers and freedom to stock the products that work for your unique customer base.

Optimise your production facility:

Access to tried and tested IP and best practice guidelines to help run your production facility seamlessly and keep your clients informed.

Modern, professionally designed branding at your fingertips:

You’ll receive a full Brand Identity guide that includes brand, external signage, internal signage, stationary, clothing, point of sale material, advertising, vehicle branding and exhibition material designs.  Fonts, colour codes and guidelines are included and make it easy to use.

Save on marketing expenses:

You will be able to make use of preferential group pricing on leaflet production, website build, social media marketing (Facebook & Instagram), Google ads, Google analytics, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), annual diaries & calendars and all design work to ensure brand consistency.

Join the digital era:

You know the world is changing, but might not have the time or resources to ensure your business is positioned online to drive offline sales.  As part of the TimBuild Group you can make use of preferentially priced online marketing strategies, tailor-made for your business to ensure you reap real benefits from your website, Google listings and social media pages, even though you keep full control of all your digital assets.

One size doesn’t fit all:

Each business, their customer base and product range is different. Be included in regional adverts with products and pricing specific to the customers you want to target in your region.


Communication is of utmost importance, whether its rebate updates or marketing reports, you can be assured of regular and timely communication. Every member’s input and participation is of great value and regular regional meetings ensure that the group moves forward well informed and as a cohesive unit.

Community Involvement:

We will help you give back to your local community when you sponsor an event, we will contribute R10 000 per annum towards it. Lets Build the Brand stronger in your local area.


Have the option to participate in local leaflet drops or not, it is up to you how you want to market your business, but you now have the ability to take advantage of huge discounted deals due to the size of the group or not if it doesn’t suit your pocket.

No to top heavy Head Offices:

Tired of paying huge fees to a Head office which just keeps on getting bigger and bigger. Timbuild Head office is lean and mean and ensures the best bang for your buck everyday.

Unexpected Leads:

Struggling to get business leads, our Expert Marketing Team will generate leads for your business and pass them your way.

Find out more about joining the TimBuild family?